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Digitally Dependent Relationships


Writer for this web-based data driven project examining millennial relationships.

Shortlisted for a 2014 International Data Journalism Award

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Politicians seek to regulate Airbnb’s crash pad economy


Lawmakers on both sides of the border are seeking stricter rules governing home-sharing business Airbnb

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Student Debt Shackles Young People for Years

Still paying off student loans? A new report finds you may be trailing behind your debt-free peers.

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The ROM Celebrates 100 Years


The Royal Ontario Museum celebrates its 100th birthday today.  The museum is one of the largest in North America and specializes in natural history and global culture.

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Mother’s Day 2014 – Infographic

Mother’s day, a time to celebrate the influence of mothers in society will be celebrated Sunday. Unsure how to honour Mom this Mother’s Day? This infographic may give you an idea or two

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If Sterling sells, who will buy the Los Angeles Clippers?Donald Sterling

If Donald Sterling does sell the L.A. Clippers, whoever inks a new deal for the team will need to have deep pockets.

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Vermont approves GMO labelling law by huge majoritygenetically-modified-food-tomatoes-syringes-photo

Vermont lawmakers have passed a law making it mandatory for food made with genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) to be labelled – the first law of its kind in the United States.

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Behind Ontario’s $25-million bike infrastructure promiseA-cyclist-using-a-cycle-l-001

The funding will be divided over a three year period between municipalities and pilot projects that could, among other things, make cyclists safer on highways.

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We’re celebrating Mother’s Day all wrong according to holiday’s founder


Anna Jarvis, known as the founder of mother’s day, lamented how commercialized the day had become in an interview ten years after the holiday was officially recognized.

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Study Reviews Campus Sex Assaults in Nova Scotia


An in-depth look into a commissioned study to examine
sexual assault on university campuses.

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The Walrus is reinstating its internship program – paid, this time 

Shortly after its five interns were abruptly terminated amid a provincial crackdown on unpaid interns, The Walrus magazine says it’s hiring three of them back, and paying them.

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Province Injects $42 Million into Online Learningonline_learning_8176989-655x280

The Ontario government has just announced $42 million in funding for a centralized platform for online learning. The Centre of Excellence for Online Learning (also known as Ontario Online) will offer courses that are transferable between participating colleges and universities.

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