Say Goodbye to Bikini Season with a Trip to the CNE Food Building


The Canadian National Exhibition (or CNE as it’s more commonly known) is a time-old Toronto tradition dating all the way back to 1879.  Every year Torontonians and tourists alike celebrate the unofficial end of summer with out to live music at the bandstand or gambling at the temporary casino.

But if you’re visiting The Ex it’s likely you’ll be making a pit stop (or two) at oh-so gluttonous Food Building.

Each year vendors try to come up with a new outrageous delicacy to intrigue attendees looking to indulge in carnival cuisine.  Whether it’s chocolate fried chicken or a cronut burger gone horribly wrong – The Food Building offerings never fail to make headlines.

This year the culinary offerings at the CNE do not disappoint – take a look at some of this summer’s most anticipated meals:

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