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Twitter Celebrates #DuragHistoryWeek

September 29th-October 5th. Seven days that upon first glance do not appear to be all that important. But these dates mark a very momentous occasion, a time we can all reflect and honour the durag’s important place in history.

Yesterday morning, Twitter user @fivefifths took to his timeline to declare it #duraghistoryweek. Little did he know he gave birth to one of the most beloved trending topics of the year.

For all those who may be unaware a durag is defined as:

a kerchief or scarf worn on the head to protect the hairdo, especially after kinky hair has been straightened.

It is also known around the globe as a skullcap, wavecap, or tie-head.


Now that you’ve been educated take a look at the Internet’s tribute to this black hair accessory:

Du-rags have been around since ancients times, proving that this practical fashion statement is here to stay

And of course the accessory has a slew of loyal celebrity users

Lastly, let’s reflect on the greatest promotional campaign of all time

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