T’was the Night Before Election Day


Ontarians are gearing up to hit the polls tomorrow.. or are they?  Advanced poll numbers are down, and pundits are predicting another year of low voter turnout.  In the 2011 provincial election only 49.2% of eligible voters actually cast a ballot. Are lacklustre candidates the problem? Or is it just a blasé attitude about provincial politics in general?

Whatever the case may be we all need to remember that voting is our civic responsibility.

Take the time to research the candidates in your local area and the candidates running for premier.  Currently polls are indicating it will be a close race, which means that every vote counts.

If your still undecided and would like some information on each party’s platform, take a look at the info below:


Kathleen Wynne – Liberal Party of Ontario


Tim Hudak – Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Andrea Horwath

Andrea Horwath – New Democratic Party of Ontario

mike schreiner 2_0

Mike Schreiner – Green Party of Ontario

CBC released a vote compass that asks a short series of questions to determine how you fit in the political landscape of Ontario, it’s a handy tool and may even help you decide who deserves your vote tomorrow.

If a few months down the line you’re the first to complain about high tuition costs, little to no job prospects, or our healthcare system– remember June 12/2014 and ask yourself was my voice heard?

For more information on where to vote tomorrow in your area click here. 

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