Truce Reached Between California City and Popular Hot Sauce


Sriracha fans rejoice!

The city of Irwindale California has decided to drop a public nuisance declaration and lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods, makers of Sriracha.

City council voted unanimously to drop the lawsuit, seemingly ending fears there would be a shortage of the popular product.

In a move to ensure the company would stay in Irwindale Mayor Mark Breceda advised he would ask the council to end the fight.

1a67_save_srirachaThe city had been at odds with the company, after residents complained last year of odors coming from the factory that burned their throats and eyes.

The vote came at a perfect time David Tran the CEO of Huy Fong Foods, as the chili-grinding season begins in August.  Tran also advised his company invested in stronger filters at the plant, that will block the fumes come August.

In 2013 hot-sauce lovers went wild, with petitions, t-shirts and protest all to save their favourite hot-sauce.  Now that lawmakers have voted to end the dispute, it appears that mission was accomplished.

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